Time to Grow: now with more SPARKLES

A few months ago, my Norwex-Dealer-Turned-Fearless-Leader invited me to attend the Norwex Price is Right in Edmonton, Alberta. Not being a Consultant at the time, I laughed at her geekiness but did consider attending because…who doesn’t want to spin a the Giant Wheel or play Plinko?

I had NO idea that only two months later I would end up on that very Price is Right Stage wearing a sparkly-sequin blue dress that was a bit too short, playing Barker’s Beauty to showcase tons of Norwex Products.

SelfiePIRI also had no idea that this night would be one of the most put-yourself-out-there things I’ve done. Ever.

This event showed me:

  1. That Norwex actually DOES change lives, from how the products improve cleaning and health;
  2. I can put on heels, walk-spin across a stage, and showcase anything from a Dusting Mitt to a Kitchen Cloth;
  3. I can open up: I can invite people to events I care about. I can ask for their support. I can tell them about a product I BELIEVE in without worrying that I’m annoying them;
  4. I can meet new people; and
  5. JUST DO IT!

The place was absolutely INSANE, and our guests had a wonderful time. Hundreds of people, lots of games and draws, and a reaffirmation that what I’m doing is WORTH IT.

PIR Event

If you’re in Edmonton, you NEED to come next year!

If you’re in the Lower Mainland (BC), contact me right away to set up a party for you:  we need to get the message out in BC and start creating more Safe Havens there. I would LOVE to introduce you and your friends to Norwex through Live Demonstrations or even Facebook parties! One day, I KNOW we’ll be able to have a huge customer appreciation event there, too!

One comment

  1. You were a STAR! Truly! Everyone wanted to know who “the girl in the blue dress” was!
    I’m so excited to see where this opportunity will take you!


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