A Sharpie Tale: How a bad day led to a new Adventure

It’s not unusual for me to walk into a mess at the end of the day: my sister is absolutely ON POINT with her temporary nanny position, but 4 & 6 year olds aren’t perfect, and they can only be corralled into cleaning so much.

So whatever, I thought, this gong show can be dealt with after swimming lessons. NBD.

They got their suits on, I packed the towels (more than one this time – oops!), and told them 800 times to put their shoes on. Just as we were headed out the door, I turned around, and I saw this:

That’s right. That’s a permanent-sharpie drawing on my white paint. On the white paint in the house that we need to list for rental interest in the next month, because we’re moving a province away.

Are you kidding me, child? I know there has been a lot of change; I understand acting out and the root causes for it. But CAN YOU NOT USE PERMANENT SHARPIE ON THE WALL!!!??

“That’s going to take a lot of primer to cover up,” replied Derek, in response to my one-picture-one-angry-emoji text.

So we went to swimming, and the girls I have purchased Norwex through over the last several years strongly suggested I try cleaning paste to remove the marker. Cleaning Paste is a non-toxic pump-up-the-greatness magic THING that takes out everything.


File_001No paint was removed, but all the sharpie was gone. Even with the kids “helping” me, the whole thing was done in less than five minutes.

That was the day I decided to move from consuming and just loving Norwex to sharing it with everyone. I always knew it was amazing, and as a lazy cleaner, I loved that it makes cleaning easier.

But in the moments between renovation and moving stress, full-time workload, and SHARPIE ON THE WALL, when it made life, really, hours (primer!?) easier, that was that. People need to know, I thought, and I LOVE to talk.

Plus, I found out that Norwex pays a 35% Commission!

So here I am, loud and proud: you need this in your life, and if you don’t want to buy it from me, that’s totally ok. I am available to talk to ANYONE about this product: don’t be shy!

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