Product Review: Norwex Cleaning Paste

I use this $h1T on EVERYTHING.

Norwex has no shortage of ideas for using their Cleaning Paste, but they can sound too good to be true, amiright?

I ended up with this product based on friend recommendations. I was unable to find any negative reviews online, and with a shrug-emoji, my credit card was charged $31.99, and I thought, “this stuff BETTER replace a bunch of cleaning products like they say it will.”

1 Year of Use

Since that day, I’ve used Norwex Cleaning Paste regularly, and I will tell you now, it’s a very dangerous gateway drug into the world of safe, non-toxic cleaning.  It’s my number one most-recommended add-on product, and after a year of use, I’ve only used about 1/6th of the jar.

My now-husband left a wrench on his boat, which in turn created a rust-stain on the fiberglass. After he doused it (liberally) with CLR without success, I bet him that I could remove it with Cleaning Paste and a Kitchen Cloth. The terms? If I win, he has to buy me as much Norwex as I want!

Spoiler alert: I won. I got a LOT of Norwex out of him, and I highly recommend these betting tactics!

Here are some of my personal Before and After Pictures:


I also had some customers contact me to tell me about their experiences with the Cleaning Paste. Here’s what they had to say:

File_003“With Jayme’s  success in Sharpie removal, I thought I’d try my own test. I have 22 ‘artistic’ students who feel compelled to decorate their desks with both wax crayon and pencil crayon. Every June I harp about cleaning off the masterpieces. Often, we make a dent, but never have we completely succeeded in removing all the marks. I used the Norwex Cleaning paste and a kitchen cloth on this desk. After some elbow grease, the desk was cleaner than it had been in years. My boss [the principal of the school] told me to buy some paste and cloths and give her the bill.” – Bobbi W

“The way it removes rust without chemicals is very impressive.” – Derek F

“Oh, Cleaning Paste! I have that stuff too. I’ve had it for years- I love it. My neighbor likes hers, too.” – Patti L


It REALLY does work: I’ve used it to remove paint, burnt-on junk from my glass-top stove, rust from a variety of places (sink, fiberglass, tubs), the grunge from my kids’ shoes, and so on. There are very few places I wouldn’t use it, like on brushed stainless steel or aluminum, as per the packaging, but I’ve never had a problem with it. As always, trust your packaging! You can buy it HERE and review more information direct from Norwex.

Share your best Cleaning Paste stories by commenting below!

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