Norwex Saves You Money

If you haven’t seen this info-graphic yet, give it a good look. I, for one, NEVER noticed the nickel-and-dime additions to my grocery bill from traditional cleaning & household products.

$10 at Costco here, CLR-stop at Canadian Tire there, more paper towels after you have the family over for Thanksgiving…the list goes on. I had, for a time, replaced toilet paper with family cloth (when I was a single mom!), but I drew the line once I had a man in the house again. Nope.

Too much information. Nothing to do with Norwex. That might be awkward at a home party…

Anyway, and picture is worth a thousand words. I highly recommend checking out my product reviews, Norwex on Pinterest, or the million other amazing reviews online if you’re concerned the Norwex products don’t clean as well or really replace the chemicals. Hey, contact me and we can FaceTime a quick demonstration – I’m a real person!


Make the investment. The time is now. I never make promises, but I am extremely certain you won’t regret it.

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