Mildew Be Gone: a safe alternative to spray cleaners

Deck BeforeI was surrounded by approximately 600 moving boxes when I saw it:

“WHAT IS ON YOUR DECK?? I thought you pressure washed it last weekend!?”

“We did, but that stuff wouldn’t come off. I think it’s mould. Tried a mould and mildew spray, too.”

Well, DROP EVERYTHING, because a Can Norwex Do It Better Cleaning Challenge is something I can’t ignore. Things like putting away the kitchen boxes, while probably more rational, is just not something that’s going to happen when you’re me, and you think you have a 100% biodegradable Norwex product that can FIX THIS and get you closer to that vision you have about drinking a cup of coffee on a patio.Mildew Spray

Here is a picture of the disaster and also the Mildew Remover Derek already used in conjunction with pressure washing. We don’t have the moisture in Edmonton to make this a very common problem, but I guess it’s quite common in the lower mainland.

Enter Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent. What? It may be a laundry detergent, but Norwex Cool Cats also dilute it and use it for super-tough cleaning jobs that need to cut-the-disaster a bit faster than an envirocloth and water alone can, or that cover a larger surface area than I have time to treat with cleaning paste.

UPP is new to my Norwex-at-home-Collection, because frankly, I got sticker shock from it. I had no idea that the cost-per-load was equal to that of Tide Original, and less than the free-and-clear detergent I have to use to ensure my littlest, sensitive skinned child doesn’t get a rash from all of the “stuff” in typical detergents. It wasn’t until it came in my Consultant Starter Kit that I had the chance to try it and realize that a tablespoon really *is* all you need in the laundry.

There are a million uses for UPP, as it’s called, so head to the old Google-Box and get clean-spired. I can’t believe I just wrote the word clean-spired. You can unfriend me—I’ll understand.

Anyway, UPP is manufactured in Canada, not tested on animals, and free of the following:

Post Wash Comparison

  • Phosphates
  • Sulphates
  • Chlorine/Bleach
  • Fillers & Skin-Irritating, Fish & Plant-Toxic Optical Brighteners
  • Dyes & Fragances

Just look at the post-wash run-off from a shoe-clean test I did on my stove.

I thought UPP would be a great place to start dealing with this vinyl deck mould, so I grabbed half a scoop, dumped it in a spray bottle with some warm water, and went to work.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Sprayed liberally on my test area;
  2. Waited 5 minutes, or however long it takes to check Facebook Messenger;
  3. Grabbed an Envirocloth;
  4. Wiped the area; and
  5. Rinsed with a hose.

Deck Comparison

That’s it. I know the second I add a spirisponge or actually try more than a quick scrub, I’ll have this enter deck looking perfect, but I didn’t have the time as unpacking really was important. The level of effort I put in here was basically that of an 8 year old who isn’t getting paid.Still to Come

I LOVE that I don’t have to worry about concerning, chemical-based run off into the grass and flower beds; I love that this worked better than a pressure washer. I sell Norwex because I really believe it makes life easier and helps me reduce the impact my family has on the environment, so when I have the opportunity to try something new and it works as well as this did, I am DOUBLE PLUS EXCITED.

I’ll update this post once I am back in British Columbia and have time to tackle the rest of the deck! You can see there is plenty of test space left to hit with UPP!



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