Norwex and Minimalism

Did you hear the one about the girl who moved from spacious, relatively inexpensive Edmonton to one of the most desirable neighborhoods in South Surrey, BC? The one where up to 6 people, depending on the day, are going to share 2.5 bedrooms because you can’t even start looking at a 4+ bedroom townhome in that area for under $750,000 + condo fees? And moving further out would still increase the mortgage by $300,000?

MountainsWell, that’s me. I’m trying to focus on the beautiful area, the amazing people that it’s bringing me to, and all the good things about this huge change, but I’m also sitting here listening to a podcasts by theminimalists. Because focus and gratitude is one thing, but sometimes you just have to admit that there is ALWAYS more shit to get rid of.

Always. I know: I already donated/sold/trashed half my things away before I moved, but the fact remains that the new place is just FULL. Uncomfortably full. Most things *sort of* have a place, but they have a place in a way that only fits if they’re used and returned exactly as they should be, and that never happens. Look at the drawer in your kitchen where you put all those random tongs, ladles, and garlic presses, and tell me I’m wrong!

So here I sit, wracking my brain for things I could possibly remove from this townhouse, and it dawned on me:Replace this with That

I’ve been using Norwex cleaning supplies almost exclusively for 5 years, and I still have regular cleaners under my sink. I’m militant about hating the film the Swiffer “juice” leaves behind; I have proved time and again that Cleaning Paste destroys CLR in a rust-removal competition; I never use windex or spray cleaners because an envirocloth + window cloth works better every time. The list goes on.

Still, those old things remain. Pine-sol. Windex. CLR. Oxyclean Spray. Swiffer pads. Steel wool. All things that I’ve replaced with Norwex. I once caught a child licking a bottle of cleaner (huge motivation to switch to something safer), and yet I still keep the stuff I don’t use under my sink.

I have no good reason to keep these cleaners, and I have no space to do so. The Norwex laundry will  be folded nicely and placed neatly in a quarter of the space all of those bottles took up. Point: NORWEX!

Tell me? What are some other “things” you’re surprised to realize you DON’T NEED!?

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