Before you buy [more] Norwex, read this!

I want to tell you about how I ended up here, and I don’t want you to spend hundreds of dollars on Norwex products, at retail, when there’s a better option for you. I promise you, I care ZERO about ever recruiting. I mean, it would be cool if we could hang out and support each other and build a funsies team, but I’ll be happy to have a 100% focus on product forever. I just want you to KNOW about your options so you can decide what’s best for you.

I bought half the catalogue at retail price before I figured this out:

Norwex Consultants:

  • Get a 35% discount;
  • A 35% sales commission;
  • Take in $500 is sales at the average home party, which means they pocket $175;
  • Get the starter kit ($300 value) for the cost of shipping;
  • KEEP the sales kit for free if they sell $2,000 worth of product in 3 months (4 average parties); and
  • Pay $200 for the $300-value kit if they DON’T sell enough.

Guys. The Starter Kit as a MOP in it. It has envirocloths, a window cloth, cleaning paste, the dusting and bathroom scrub mitts, and literally all the best sellers. Click for Full Kit Information.

There are also cool things like:

  • Meeting awesome people;
  • Getting even more free things via the Fresh Start program, which results in around $600 of free product for hitting $400, $1000, and $200 in sales (I can give you more details on this one privately, there are no public links);
  • Offering party hostesses some of the most generous rewards in the direct-selling industry; and
  • Talking about Norwex and maybe one day earning this sweet Norwex Water Bottle and taking it for an ironic photoshoot #becauseyoucan.Water Bottle

But honestly, all jokes about my water bottle obsession aside, if you’re spending your cash at retail price because you LOVE Norwex, take the time to look into joining  and feel free to ask me anything about being a consultant! My ONLY regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.

P.S: if that markup scares you, it’s similar to some of the markups I saw at a leading drugstore when I worked there as a teen. Your retail stores aren’t selling to you OR their employees at-cost, I promise you!

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