Review: Wrinkle Release Spray

I am SO EXCITED about what just happened here that I am typing from my iPhone.

I’m in Edmonton, my iron is in Vancouver; ironing is not my thing on a good day.

I ordered some Wrinkle Release spray thinking, “why not? Maybe it will get me through this iron-less time.”

I sprayed the shirt before my kiddo’s school dance, and came back after. Here’s the difference. 

Is it perfect enough to meet the queen in pressed linen? No. Is it a solution to all those clothes that Wrinkle in your laundry basket because you took them out of the dryer on Tuesday but didn’t get around to folding until Sunday? YES 

The bad? This shirt ALWAYS wrinkles in the wash, and I ALWAYS throw it back in hoping *this time* I will be a functional human and not let it wrinkle.

As such, I haven’t seen it in a decent state for…well since last summer? Oops. So now the wrinkles are gone, and I spy some sort of grease stain that needs to be dealt with. BAD LUCK SHIRT

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