Remove cat smell without burning down your house.

I’m not a pet person.

I mean, I appreciate your pets: I think they’re reasonably cute when they don’t smell like wet dog or cat pee, and I would be happy to take your pup for a spin around the block. However, I can’t reconcile the amount of work they take, and the mess they make, with the actual output of what they could add to my life. My ex husband had cats, and it took me 3 years and ripping out half the paneling in my basement to purge the smell from my house.

Pet owners get it; I don’t. That’s ok. I did, however, use to keep a running list called “Why Owning Pets Sounds Awful” that I would add to every time one of my coworkers had another tale to tell about vet bills, wrecked baseboards, diarrhea, peed-on cement, or festering litter boxes. It was an extensive list.

Odour EliminatorHowever! I appreciate YOUR love for YOUR pets, so let me share with you one of my favourite Norwex Enzyme Cleaners, the Odour Eliminator. Enzyme Cleaners use bacterial spores to eat the stench-causing organic matter that has infested your dog bed, carpet, toddler mattress, or, frankly, anything anything in my house.

What? How? Honestly, I leave that to the rest of the internet, because once I know something works and that it’s safe for use on things my kiddos use, I’m satisfied.


This stuff gets into every pore (even cement). It will take out CAT PEE. The only other solution I’ve ever found for getting out cat urine smell was basically remodeling my entire house. I wish I could have just flattened it and started over, but that’s another story for another time.

Just try it: you won’t be sorry! Cats, sick children beds, dog beds, really, anything you can think of. Let the enxymes eat the grossness and enjoy more time for yourself!

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