A little crazy (but never lazy!), I’m a born and raised prairie girl who just landed feet-first in BC’s gorgeous lower mainland.

You’ll find me singing aloud to Lumineers songs, complaining about traffic, and signing up for any new experience or trek to a historical site or curiosity. I’m also hopeless with gardening but passionate about Social Studies/English and the students I tutor. I love semi-colons, but you’re welcome to present an argument that another punctuation mark is superior!

Norwex is pretty huge where I’m from, and over the years, I ended up slowly replacing most of my cleaning supplies with Norwex products.

Why? I’d try just “one more thing” only to realize that the product worked better than anything else I had! What makes cleaning easier makes YOUR life better, and my kiddos love being able to help using the products I use, safely.

My only Norwex Regret is that I didn’t sign up to consult sooner: I would’ve saved a ton and met some seriously cool cats along the way! I’m lucky to be part of an experienced, welcoming team, and I’d love to hear from you.

I’m here to answer your questions and talk Norwex! Let’s do a live party (lower mainland/Vancouver BC) or hook up on Facebook (everywhere!) Your friends will LOVE the products, and so will you 🙂